About Us

Electra was established in 1995 through acquiring the assets and most of the personnel (with very few exceptions) of communication specialist companies, with a long standing and reputable history, such as TATN Mpumalanga, Active, Signatech, Telocator, Metro, and Carter in the Lowveld region.  This made Electra the leader in two-way radio and electronic systems in Mpumalanga. We have been in the two-way radio business for the past 27 years in Mpumalanga.

Since then the company has been involved in many government and private contracts, such as the supply and maintenance for all government departments, designs, supply and commissioning of several radio relay stations on mountain high sites, as well as several thousands mobile, base and portable radio’s.

The company has over the years built a radio network in Mpumalanga and has access to the largest radio repeater network in the region. Electra’s network consists of 27 High-band repeaters and 14 Mid-band repeaters. In total maintaining 130 repeaters through-out the Province.

Electra provides quality, reliable and cost effective communication solutions to the whole community.

In August 2005 the Government Tender for supplying and maintaining the entire Mpumalanga Province two-way radio needs in terms of the network and equipment was awarded to Electra. Electra held this tender for the past 9 years.

In 2012 Electra installed a fully digital radio system for the Kruger National Park. Electra is the main radio service provider to the Kruger national park for more than 12 years.

In future we strive to provide clients with key benefits such as user friendly equipment, minimum downtime and extended branches / networks into neighbouring countries i.e. Mozambique.

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We envisage becoming the leader and preferred supplier in the field of wireless voice and data communication through providing professional service, constant development, quality products and after sales service.

We strive to provide quality service to our clients through cost effective and reliable communication with maximum utilization of human and technical resources. We strive to grow the company through providing affordable communication solutions to all market segments.


Previous Accomplishments


We have won the government tender for maintenance & supply of two way radios 2005-2012 and 2012 – 2015


Supply and maintain the communication network of SAPPI SA in Mpumalanga


Sole agent for all communication needs to TSB (Transvaal Sugar Board)


Maintaining big clients like, Cargo Carriers, Buhle-Betfu, G4S, Fidelity Security and many more.

Number of Years if Experience in this field

We have been in the two-way radio business for the past 32 years in Mpumalanga

In addition, Electra has also:
Installed a Private radio network consisting of 150 repeater stations, covering 80% of the entire province, this in itself makes the company one of the largest commercial service providers in Africa. Electra has also been involved as exclusive contractor to all Government departments, i.e. EMS, Health and Welfare, Public Works, Roads and Transport, Economic development, Tourism and Parks, Environmental Affairs and Agriculture. For many years Electra has supplied, installed and maintained repeater networks and radio equipment and therefore has extensive knowledge of equipment, technology and infrastructure currently in use.

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